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Altitude radar

3200 руб.



Safe range measurement and collision avoidance in UAVs.


Operates in 24 GHz range to detect moving targets;

Adapts to grazing and other conditions;

With UART interface;

With 2 cm accuracy;

With a measuring range of 50 m;

RoH compliant;

System Performance

Transmission range:

  • Min 24.00 GHz; Max 24.20 GHz;

Update rate:

  • 50 Hz;

Power Consumption:

  • 1.5 W;

Communication Interface:

  • Micro USB/UART;

Range Measuring Performance

Range Measurement Range:

  • Min 0.1 m; Max 50 m;

Range Accuracy:

  • ±0.02 m;

Other features

Power supply voltage:

  • Min 5 V DC; Max 20 V DC;

Weight (including jacket and line):

  • 95 g;

Overall dimensions:

  • 130x70x14.5 mm;