Agrodrone А60-X

Smart solution for agriculture


Agrodrone A60-X produced by CJSC "ATS" is a complex of plant protection means application by ultralow-volume spraying method (5-10 l/ha UMO) on the basis of unmanned aircraft of our own design.


Agrodrone А60-Х


The A60-X Intelligent Farming System is an innovative system developed for use in smart farming, in aid of classical methods of introducing crop protection products.

Key advantages of the complex:

Economic effectiveness. Increased field processing speed. High treatment accuracy (~ 5.0 cm). ULV technology (ultra-low volume spraying). Maximum autonomy.


Automatic construction of the flight task. Routes saving. Fast charging (~20 min). Three smart batteries. Intelligent batteries. Accuracy of pulling altitude over plants. Course camera. Tank of 20 (optional 30) liters.

The built-in software allows you to create and configure flight tasks directly on the control panel screen without the use of a personal computer. For more efficient operation, the rover functions are also performed by the control panel, which greatly simplifies the work of determining the boundaries of the field, bypassing obstacles and non-irrigation zones, while it is possible to download ready-made maps in the universal format KML.


Advantages of agrodrone in agriculture

Saving time, financial and labor resources without outsourcing.


When it comes to flights of several hundred hectares, the use of manned aircraft becomes irrelevant, unless it is a compact drone. The lack of an airfield will not be a hindrance either, because an agrorodron takes off and lands vertically, 5x5 meter area will be suitable for launching.

Save money

Agrorodrone is cheaper than an airplane or helicopter, both in terms of procurement and operation. Instead of fuel it uses electricity, so you don't need a supplier of expensive aviation gasoline, nor do you need costly maintenance and periodic airworthiness certificate renewals.


Aviation work quality is known to be inversely proportional to flight altitude, and wires and other obstacles are a serious threat to aircraft. By using a drone, you will not endanger the lives of pilots and others, and employees working on the ground will be less exposed to harmful substances.

Solving problems in-house

Allowing ourselves to operate our own agricultural aircraft is expensive and difficult from the point of view of legislation, it is also difficult to turn to aviation companies on a regular basis. Training your own employees to operate a drone with our help is the best way out of the situation.


Agrodrone A60-X - practical use.


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Aviation Technologies and Systems - China-Belarus Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC «ATS»), focusing on the production of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various types, as well as modern ultra-light manned dual-purpose aviation products.

Moreover, CJSC «ATS» provides services for aerial photography and monitoring of an objective area using manufactured equipment with subsequent processing of the reduction in the interests of various industries.

Depending on the assigned tasks, the produced UAVs are equipped with interchangeable target payloads: high-resolution video camera, infrared camera, laser rangefinder, gnss-equipment or a combination of the above-mentioned payloads.

Since 2021, the company has been actively developing the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture.



ATS CJSC provides training for agrodrone operators.

You will receive:

- knowledge about the structure of the agrodrone (structure, mechanisms, power elements), control system;

- Practical training on the maintenance and small repairs of the agrodrone in the field.

- Practical training on the technological application of the agrorodrone in the performance of crop processing tasks.

Duration of the training: 5 days.




Agrodrone cultivates ~ 6-8 hectares per hour.


Under agreement of the parties.


Signing a contract


till 30 byn/hec (without VAT).


How does it work

1. After-sales service

Inspection of equipment and components:

Preventive maintenance work.

2. Training

Knowledge for the use of agronron and its


3. Support 24/7

Technical support whenever you need it.



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